Still Life Onion Demonstration Gray Layer

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This is the gray layer of my Still Life Onion. Please remember, in this still-life-onion-demonstration you can put in a few details as you are able, but do not attempt texture at this point. Your main focus is to capture the half tones and shadows.

still life of onion

I've applied paint to each item in the painting

onion still life

The lighter areas are applied very thickly.

onions gray layer

The darks are applied thinly.

still life demonstration

Some initial blending with a small brush to blend the edges and where layers meet.

still life demonstration onions

Additional blending within each object.

onion still life demonstration

Then big brush blending within each object.

red onion demonstration

Continued big brush blending.

yellow onion demonstration

Each object is small mop brush blended, then large mop brush blending.

white onion demonstration

The picture ready for the color layers!

white onion painting

Come back soon to see the color layers being added in.

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