Still Life Painting, Red Apples,

by Diane

Apples Still life painting

Apples Still life painting

This is a watercolour painting of apples, which I took from a photograph that was given to me.

I painted this in layers. Started off with Susan Harrison Tustain's priming method, one clear water wash, when the sheen has disappeared, apply 2nd clear wash, when semi-dry, apply wash with yellow pigment (not too much pigment though then allow to dry, when bone dry, repeat the process until you are happy. Then I just played about with colours until I thought it looked right.

The priming method gives it a nice glow. I bought the schmincke paints & da vinchi brushes that Susan recommended and loved them, you only have to use a small amount of the pigment and the brushes are lovely to work with. Unfortunately my patience was running out and I didn't spend much time on the leaves and it shows,they are pretty awful.

Still loving your site Delmus, you are very giving. And will attempt the Flemish technique again, as I really like it. Enjoyed your DVD very much.

Thank you

And thank you for your prompt feedback, Delmus. I can't recall if i said this before, I always tried to draw freehand, but since reading your comments, I am not too sticky about tracing now, although like to feel I did it from scratch, but looks more professional, when I trace.

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Sep 14, 2011
Still life painting, watercolors are magic!
by: Delmus

A wonderful example of what watercolor painting can do. Thanks Diane for contributing this. Did I ever tell you, if it were not for a watercolor artist that painted these huge paintings of flowers and local city-scapes, I would probably be a dentist?

Yep, in my impressionable years of high school, (yes, you still can influence your high school kids believe it or not) a local art show had these wonderful paintings. They were the first local art I had seen that were done with such realism, it blew me away. I have had this love for painting ever since.

Thanks again for the inspiration, and the reminder of some of my roots!

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