Transparent grays in the dead layer, can I use Liquin instead of Damar varnish, and what type of brushes?

by Delmus
(Blue ridge mountains)

1) In the dead layer am I still using a transparent application of the grays?

In the dark area's, yes, in the light area's, no, it is more opaque.

2) Why do I need to use Damar in the first layers and not the Liquin?

You can skip the Dammar in any step that you use liquin. Liquin is a modern alkyd dryer.

3) What type of brush are you using for the blending/correction brush(fiber content)?

Most of mine are worn out rounds and filberts. Usually talon or a soft variety of brush fiber. I use very few oil painting brushes as I find them too stiff.
Most are what would be considered water color brushes.

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alkyde liquin/damar crystals?
by: Dr. Sunita Chowdhary

Hi Delmus,
I am so thankful that you approve of using the round brushes to paint with the oils. Even I find it easier.

I will try looking for liquin as I can't find the damar crystals. I have even asked for it in the hardware stores. Explaining to them that the crystals are dissolved in turpentine but they generally have lacquer crystals used for polishing the wood after dissolving them in the spirit instead of turpentine.

Do you have any Indian Artist friend who can give us a Hindi name for it. Why is it used? Just to enhance drying or to simply make the painting durable and beautiful?


Hi Dr. Chowdhary! I am just finding this comment you have added and I will try to answer it for you.

If you don't have an art supply store near you, your best option is to order your supplies from a reputable supply dealer. Here's one of the best that can ship these products worldwide.

Here's the link:

The Damar Varnish helps keep a gloss within any dark colored paint. It also has something to do with strenthening the paint film. I don't think it speeds the drying time, and it may actually extend the drying time.

Damar is a natural resin, and can only be dissolved in a natural solvent, turpentine.

Spirits could be turpentine or paint thinner, the later being a petroleum product that won't work with Damar. As far as a HINDI name for damar, this is what I get when I plug it into google translate:

damar वार्निश

I'm guessing there is no translation.

With best wishes,

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