What kind of brushes do you use? and their sizes?

by The artist

What type of brush hair, do you use to paint the petals and which kind do you use for the dry brush work?

the brush I used to apply paint are "0" and "1" or "2" size, round sables. The blending brushes were same size, "filberts" or "cat tongues" (shape), the dry blending is a 1/2" mop blending and a 1" mop blending. These were artificial fibers. Squirrel is too expensive.

I usually buy these in packs at the local art store. They are golden talon, brush hair type. Very inexpensive.

This is an example mop blending that I use: Mop Brush

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another choice for a mop brush
by: Anonymous

I guess I'm fortunate in that I've got both local art supplies stores and Dick Blick, the mail order store. The mop brush I use a lot is a 1/2" and a 1" mop.
Here's the link to a 3/4" brush for under $8!
and that's cheap by anybodies standard!

Mop Brush

Starving artist
by: Chris Lemon

I am a starving artist and currently can't afford a mop brush for smoothing out my blending so I had to be creative. I wait about an hour for the color to dry just a little on the canvas (just enough to make it tacky, not wet) and I use a clean dry finger to smooth out all of the brush strokes. It works great! and it's free! Rely on your ingenuity and you should do great.

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