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A White Rose bursting with color.

"Fireside Passion Rose"

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The White Rose "Fireside Passion".  So lets talk a little about this gorgeous painting!

Lets place your mind back to a time when you were probably a teenager.  As life went on, you began to gain a special interest in those of the opposite sex.  Then one day you saw her, (or him), and your heart skipped a beat.

This white represents the purity in first love, but the oranges, reds, and yellows are from that romantic fireside setting reflected within the petals, that first moist kiss, that first fireside passion, hopefully it will fire up a little passion in your home too!

Taking a closer look, you will find delicate water drops all over this rose, as if it were just brought in from the garden after a late afternoon shower.  

It is amazing how this rose captured the glow of lighting from the side.  The colors seem to emanate from within the blossom.  Yet, the front lighting show you clearly this is white.

With orange and yellow prominently scattered through out the petals, this white rose painting will brighten any room.  Because it is a rose, it will suit formal and informal settings from the living room to the bed room.

White and orange rose oil painting

So why did I choose this color scheme for this rose.  Lets check out what these colors represent. 

  • White in a Rose - Purity and Innocence
  • Orange in a Rose - Desire and Passion
  • Red in a Rose - the Lovers Rose!

Now do you understand?   Get more details here on rose color meaning.

This is such an exciting yet romantic work.  The reds and oranges bring the excitement of passion of first love, and the white itself sends the message of innocence and purity.  Do you remember your first love, your first kiss? 

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