Yellow Rose DVD oil painting demonstration

by Artist Delmus Phelps

You REALLY can paint like this! You'll be right there, looking over my shoulder while I create this gorgeous rose. 

Thousands of people just like you have already discovered the secret to unlocking their artistic potential by following the few simple rules given within Delmus's electronic book entitled "A Real Art Lesson".

You can now watch him work magic in this new DVD format.
See, up close exactly how those brushstrokes take place!

Capture the joy of painting and creating things of beauty with your own gorgeous oil painting.

  • Have you tried painting before and your work just looked amateurish?
  • Have you had painting lessons before, and your work just didn't seem to improve?
  • Have you wanted to start an exciting and rewarding hobby yet didn't know where to take the first step?
  • Have you ever wondered if your part time hobby could turn into something more?

  • Yellow Rose DVD oil painting demonstration

    Hi, my name is Delmus Phelps.

    I've been painting for over 35 years, (my first commissioned sale was in 1974!) and along the way, I've learned a great many things that I would like to pass along to you!

    I am so excited for you over this offer.   Here's a closeup of what you'll be learning:

    In this video demonstration, you will:

  • Yes, really paint like this using this technique. Can you write your A,B,C's? Then you have enough eye to hand coordination to do this. If you can tell the difference between green, red and blue, then you have enough learned skills to take this course!
  • I don't just teach you how to create one painting! I show you in depth, the technique that will allow you to free your mind of the how-to's and concentrate on the joy and beauty of the painting you are creating. (Like any craft, once you know the steps, you can then concentrate on the statement, the beauty, the image you have in your mind.)
  • Not sure how to start? I show you each and every step. The entire process I have used for this painting.
  • A beginning artist? There is lots of material here. You see most of the process in a 1 hour 55 minutes film. My hardest part was editing, so I kept more than most with the beginner in mind.
  • You will know exactly how to start your painting. You will know exactly when the painting is finished! No more anxiety of wondering should you add just this little more.

  • Here are the things this video will cover:

    • How to set up this still life.
    • How to prepare your canvas.
    • How to transfer your drawing.
    • How to tone the canvas and begin your painting.
    • How to create a smooth background transition.
    • How to create dew drops.
    • How to create the petals fine veins.
    • How to create glossy leaves.
    • How to mix your paints.
    • How to create the dead layer.
    • How to create the color layers.
    • How to create the finishing layer.

    You will be simply amazed at the work you will produce once you understand these techniques!

    Using the menu navigation buttons of your DVD player, you can quickly move from one chapter to the next depending on where you are with your painting!  I also discuss mediums, paint colors to use, and brush types for this technique.

    Here's a group of still pictures taken from the DVD. You can click on each to get a closer look of what you'll be seeing.

    canvas preparation canvas preparation ink drawing toning canvas
    umber layer umber layer umber layer gray mixtures
    gray layer gray layer gray layer color mixtures
    color layers color layers color layers color layers
    finishing layers finishing layers finishing layers finishing layers

    A lot of folks would say, "it's impossible to learn to paint like this without years of instruction." I beg to differ. It's the PROCESS that makes it simple. If you are not satisfied in any way with the instruction, just drop me a line, I'll gladly refund your money!

    Give it a try risk free! I know you'll be satisfied with the instruction, and you will learn tools that will give you a Lifetime of artistic freedom and joy!
    60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    This truly is a RISK FREE purchase!

    60 Days Money Back No Hassles Guarantee

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    Don't worry, if you miss it, I'll fix it!

    Click the image to get a larger view!

    It's pretty simple, if within 60 days, you don't think these instructions have helped you in your quest for a better painting, simply let me know for a prompt refund.

    So give it a try risk free!

    Why is this such a great bargain?

    Every thing else I've found that matches this style and quality of painting instruction sells for well over $100. Even 2 hours of intense instruction within an Art Seminar runs higher than this.

    Only with a DVD, you can replay it time and again.

    Don't get left behind! Be the Master Painter in your art club! Amaze your family and friends with your increased skills and better paintings!

    This really is your best deal below!

    When you consider the 3 bonus e-books, you're getting FIVE e-books and a film.

    Hard to find this much art instruction at this price anywhere!

    Above, you see my special offers! I'm gonna include either my original E-book, "A Real Art Lesson" to this offer as a download for you! Or, you can download the landscape demonstration of "Mabry Mill" when you order the DVD. Even better yet, you can get all three products in a terrific price break.

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    Want more details on either of these e-books? Check them out on their respective pages, you can order from any page at any time.

    Details on this ebook can be found here on its information page.

    Details on the landscape painting demonstration "Mabry Mill" are here

    Check the bottom of this information page for the combinations available. There are several bundled packages that can save you money. Purchase the DVD and get one or both the downloads too!

    With any combination purchase, you get these 3 wonderful bonus eBooks as a download too!

    I have an additional download for the graphite artist that is interested in drawing the Human Body.

    The E-book is on DRAWING & ANATOMY By Victor Perard. The hard cover volumn for this book sells for up to $88 on Amazon, but for a limited time, you can get this PDF version downloaded to your computer for free!

    Let me tell you alittle about this bonus. Are you interested, truly interested in improving your drawing skills, and drawing of the human anatomy? This book is over 165 pages of skeleton, skulls (too cool for the tattoo artist) muscle, human motion, etc. Here's just a small picture from what you will find in it!

    Impressed? I was, and to find it was a real treat. I thought, wow, what a great bonus gift, so here it is. Included with your purchase.

    But I'm still not done!

    This 2nd bonus is included!

    "Composition" A Series of exercises in Art Structure for the use of students and teachers by:

    Arthur Wesley Dow

    Here's an actual excerpt:

    ""Composition was chosen as a title because that word expresses the idea upon which the method here presented is founded the "putting together" of lines, masses and colors to make a harmony.Design, understood in its broad sense, is a better word, but popular usage has restricted it to decoration. Composition, building up of harmony, is the fundamental process in all the fine arts. I hold that art should be approached through composition rather than through imitative drawing. The many different acts and processes combined in a work of art may be attacked and mastered one by one, and thereby a power gained tohandle them unconsciously when they must be used together. If a few elements can be united harmoniously, a step has been taken toward further creation.""

    In other words, your painting and or drawing skills may not be the best, but if the harmony, composition of the piece is done well, the work will be recognized as a great piece of art!

    I can attest to this in my own work. When the composition wasn't right, the work collected dust in the galleries back closet. Don't let that happen to you!

    Get this book and read it!

    And here is yet one more great e-book!

    Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomie.

    This e-book has been out there in various places, but is hard to come by.

    Some of the younger crowd will really get into this one as it shows you in very basic steps on how to draw simple forms, to more complex forms, and finally, some serious fine art!

    It start you off with the human head, then he moves you through the body, hands, clothing, simulated movement, and into perspective, light and shadow, and ending with this great example!

    I show you a great deal information within the "Real Art Lesson", but having a strong background in drawing will always help you in your painting! Grab this free bonus while you can when you order "The Yellow Rose oil painting demonstration DVD"!

    So there you have it, you can get the

  • DVD "The Yellow Rose, An Oil Painting Demonstration", delivered to your door,

  • then an instant download of "A Real Art Lesson" or "Mabry Mill, a landscape demonstration, or both! And,

  • "Drawing and Anatomy," a must for those learning to draw the human figure!

  • "Composition" The one subject that is probably the most important in your art!

  • "Fun with a Pencil" A great tool to strengthen your drawing capabilities.

  • A complete library of work for your studies in the classical arts. Still not sure? Lets see what others have said about these products:

    From Colleen in Virginia:

    I own many educational art videos. Many of these artist paint beautifully, but fail to teach well. You do both and very well! Your style of teaching can reach anyone. You are precise & clear in your approach. I learned the importance of the under-painting and work on the palette. I have heard the great masters did the under-painting. I really didn't understand it's value, until now. I am not a formally trained artist, but I do decorative art, yet constantly strive to improve my skills, especially roses. I was so impressed with the actual little amount of color used to create the beautiful depth and realism of your rose! I hope you make more DVD's in the future. Thank-You again!

    From William in Florida:

    "5 Stars all the way! Best on Ebay! Every artist should see your painting DVD! A+ You are an extremely talented artist and your DVD is excellent."

    From Sherry in South Carolina:

    "Highly recommend this DVD! Couldn't wait to paint along. A+++++!I liked all aspects of the DVD. It was like being there and looking over your shoulder as you worked. Very inspiring!I really enjoyed the DVD."

    From Terry in Florida:

    "If you ever create anymore DVDs, I will purchase them. I learn better by seeing, so the DVD really helped me understand all the steps in your E-book. For beginners like me, who have only been exposed to wet on wet techniques, your DVD was a welcome relief. I have bought so many DVDs that didn't show all the steps, so I was constantly confused.""All the steps to oil painting in one DVD! I highly recommend the Yellow Rose DVD"

    What folks have said about the E-book!

    From Suzy in North Carolina:

    EXCELLENT product...what a great art lesson for the money!!!

    From BB

    "32 years ago I had just given birth to my 5th child. A month early, she weighed 11 pounds, 14 1/2 ounces, breech. I was so jazzed I walked the halls all night. The nurses kept trying to get me to go lie down but I was supercharged. and oddly, it was not the birthing of a baby, it was the birthing of an idea. The calendar over the nurses station was a photo of Picasso Blue Period, where he drew/painted a lady on a piece of masonite or paper bag. I "saw" that for the first time. I'd already had a semester with Siegfried Hahn, and I knew sharp focus was the way I wanted to work. I also knew the Old Masters way was the vehicle. I could never find the "notes" to back me up. I started back to college when my 9th child started first grade. I was 48 years old. Four years to get my BAFA. And now I have this lesson that will help me do it "my way" finally. I wish I had this ebook lesson back in 2000 to show my professors that I did know there was a process that they refused to teach me. FINALLY! My thanks. "


    No Thanks Delmus, I don't need the e-books, just send me the DVD by itself!

    You can get it at its' reduced price, place your order for just the DVD and Only the DVD here:

    Just IN! Customer's have written, I have heard! Here's the answer.

    I've also got this great photo to include for tracing!

    A link is provided on my thank-you page for you to download, copy/save and print out the painting. 

    The photo has had the color dulled out and the contrast manipulated to make it easier to trace out the main components of the painting.

    I include this also with the eBooks so you can follow along with your own painting in those too!

    Drop me a line if not satisfied. I'll give you return information. Lets face it, the manufacturing process scrubs one every once in a while.

    DVD details:

    NTSC (North America, South America, Asia) or any computer with a DVD drive.
    1 Hour 55 minutes playing time
    Region: Region Free
    Full Screen, is NOT widescreen (allow your TV to set best ratio 4:3)

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    Mabry Mill EBook. Using the indirect method of oil painting, downloaded EBook. Includes 3 bonus EBooks on anatomy, composition, & pencil drawing. This is a great item for those learning to paint the landscape. $19.97
    The Yellow Rose DVD An oil painting demonstration (2 hours) on painting the yellow rose using the flemish technique of oil painting. This is a great item for those wanting to learn how to paint flowers. $24.97
    A Real Art Lesson on CD Jewel cased with bonus ebooks. A Real Art lesson downloaded, and a CD as a gift for a friend with bonus ebooks. $24.97
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    plus art lesson plus & the 3 bonus ebooks.


    Questions? Concerns?

    Email me here :


    What people are saying about the DVD and E-book.

    From Susan in ME:
    Astoundingly beautiful art, well written instructions. THANKS!

    From Debra in OK:
    Thanks Delmus your e-book is great, I see things I've been doing wrong already.

    From Mickael in Israel:
    Thanks a lot for this incredible lesson!

    From Anne in GA:
    WONDERFUL ! Easy to Follow ! Great Detailed Photo's

    From Linda in AK:
    Thanks for the DVD. High Quality Art Instruction. Fair Price.

    From Horst in Germany:
    Best book on the subject I've seen so far! - many thanks

    From Herbert in WA:
    Very useful information. Highest recommendation!

    From Diana in FL:
    Excellent art lesson, can hardly wait to use this technique. Thanks

    From Susan in ND:
    Fantastic teaching! Thank you for this affordable purchase.

    From John in ID:
    well worth the money!

    From Henry in MO:
    Excellent seller! Excellent product! Recommend!!

    From Elizabeth in VA:
    Very informative and well written. Thank you.

    From William in Canada:
    Fantastic Art Instruction.

    From Judit in Canada:
    Very informative detailed material, much better than Ca&%er method!

    From Cynthia in CA:
    Thank you~ the ebook is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your talent!

    And many-many more, but my hand is cramping from trying to type this list.

    I think however, that you get the picture with these.

    It supports things on several levels, both in terms of the art instruction, but also the service people get from me personally when they have questions or problems with their order.

    People simply love these lessons on how to paint using this method!