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Now here's a thought. Your oil painting tips, your photo's and your stories, right here on the web.  You put the work into it, why not brag a bit and show it off!

All artist's have a need to create. But not all artist's have a place to show off their work. Well, here's your chance. Consider here to post your work, tell us about it's creation and if there is a special story behind the subject matter!  Come on and join the group!

Not ready to share just yet? No worries, read about what others have done by checking out the links below.

Have you got more than one photo to show? Our software will take several which means you can shoot a few closeups of your work to show.

We really like close-ups of the work, so others can see exactly how you do what you do! 

This part of the site has really began to shine, why not shine with it!  Give us your oil painting tips and techniques, upload a few pics of your work, and flaunt your stuff!

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Some changes are in order!

I would never have thought that we would be closing in on over 250 entries here!  But we have!  To make navigating easier, I have decided to move some of these great paintings to their appropriate section on the site. 

My first move has been the some of the still life paintings.  If you are looking for yours, click on the link here to head over there.

Have you got a fantastic still life painting to show off?  Do the same!

Some of our landscape paintings and portrait paintings have also been relocated and as this page has continued to grow, I will shift some to their appropriate subject matter. 

I'm so honored and proud that you have been so kind and brave to show us your work!  Please continue to amaze us!

Thank you so much for your contributions.  Do pass on to your friends where they can find your paintings, both with Facebook comments, hitting that "like button", or tweeting to your tweeple about your great art!  (I've also added the Pinterest button for sharing!)

If you're not sure where your paintings should reside (still life, landscape, and portrait), no worries, submit them right here!

Got a great piece of art work to show the world?

Beginner, semi-pro, or full time artist, show us your art!

It doesn't have to be oils, or using this technique, but it does need to be a painting/drawing. Please tell us the medium, size, and what inspired you to create it!

Do you have a great story to go with it? Your struggles, your victories? Come on and share it!

Attention: Due to new Google requirements as to what is a legitimate web page, I will ask one additional requirement. Your article and submission must be at least 300 words in length!

That's roughly 4 decent paragraphs. Now honestly, when has an artist been at a loss for words when it comes to describing their artwork.

Tell us about the passion you have in creating this work, tell us about the techniques, struggles and triumphs you found and felt while creating it.

If you've submitted a painting before but cannot find it now, well, this is why. Not enough information was submitted.

If it did meet the 300 word requirement, it may have been moved to the appropriate section also, i.e. portraits, landscapes or still life.

There were some really great pieces too, but, because they were too short, they had to go.

Please re-submit your work! (But abide by the new rule of 300 words) Most word-processors will count the words for you, spell check, and grammar correct too. Then just copy and paste to here!

What Others have already submitted!

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Large flower in Flemish technique. 
Hi. This is my first attempt at making a painting using the Flemish technique. I have been following the tutorial from the pdf course I purchased earlier. …

New Artist, looking for feedback 
Hello, I started oil painting in january of 2015. To this day i'm still painting, and love every minute of it. I have submitted 4 of my paintings …

My Grand Children/ 
I have visited a lot of homes through the years and almost all of these homes have beautiful pictures (photos) of the family and also the grandchildren, …

Velvet Red Rose 
I painted this in oil. It is on a 12 x 12 cotton canvas. I started with the purple background. Then I focused on the rose. It took me about 2 weeks, …

Summertime in Milwaukee 
Summertime in Milwaukee is a good representation of the funky, bright-colored, abstract art I love to create! This piece depicts, in a very playful way …

Dayflower (A Floral Oil Painting) 
Before I started the painting, I found it overwhelming when I saw the DVD. I love the Flemish Method. It helped me with dark's and lights in the …

Cutty Sark Tall Ship 
Cutty Sark Tall Ship 18 X 24 oil Painting is gallery Wrapped. I am a self-taught artist. I know this painting can be much better. I am now going …

A Beautiful Peony Flower, oil painting 
This painting started as a photograph of my neighbor's peony plant. I then used an overhead projector and enlarged on a 16x20 canvas. The canvas was …

Oil Paintings by Artist Paul Gilbert Baswell 
Oil on Masonite 36"x48" An expropriation of high contrast light as well as the human anatomy. Done in a modified Flemish technique, no Umber layer, …

Cat Pictures and Dog oil paintings from artists here on Easy Oil Painting Techniques 
Beau is my daughters mixed yellow lab. A gentle and loving dog. 9X12 oil on linen panel. The eyes being darker draw your eyes in to look at that …

Wildlife paintings, a snow leopard and a snow owl. 
I painted this Snow Leopard in acrylics on 5.5 x 5.5 inches. I started the initial painting in black and white to be able to get my tones and shadows. …

Peonie Study 
Thank you Delmus for helping to make it possible for me to develop this style of painting. I found your e-book invaluable as a reference tool and cannot …

"Very First Rose" A pink rose portrait. 
Hi, This was my first attempt at the Flemish technique. I am mostly a self taught painter and I stumbled on the Flemish technique thanks to you and …

Hi Delmus, I am bound to write after I read and witnessed the changes you made to the persimmons. It means so much I had never actually believed before …

Various Horse oil paintings by our contributing artist here on Easy Oil Painting! 
I am self-taught artist and find your web site pages amazing as it's all new to me. In my painting I didn't prime, or layered my paintings, but will start …

Paintings from Trinidad, figurative and a water lily 
Hi I have done this painting of "Girl Wearing Hijab" on a "16 x 20" inches canvas, using oils as my medium. I first sketched the subject on my canvas …

Flemish technique still life paintings 
Hi, My first serious painting I did in oil on MDF-board.

Paintings from Trinidad 
I was working on a previous painting for my living room wall called 'Fallen Tree' when some orange color accidentally fell on my canvas forming the shape …

Still Life Cherries and Glass 
Hi, Another painting, with the same technique (flemish), I made the photo with objects from home, near a window. Hope you like it. Liliana …

A Beginners Art Work Starts by the Paint By Numbers Method 
Okay, I admit it right up front. I'm not an artist. Not even remotely. For me, a beginners art work (at least all of my attempts) starts by the paint …

A Rose Drawing 
I'm no good at any sort of art, sadly. But in any case, I decided, after reading a lot on this informative website, that I would find a picture and color …

Oil and water don't mix... 
...or so they say. A while back I decided to ignore this theory and to mix oil paint with acrylic (water based) on my palette. It was a bit gooey …

"The Guitar Player" an oil painting demonstration of the flemish method. 
Following the Flemish Method, just about at the critical part...Juniors skin. I made a mix of Titanium white, light Naples yellow, burnt sienna and a little …

My latest realistic work Not rated yet
Hi Delmus, I am very thankful to you for providing detailed information about Flemish technique in your e-book. After purchasing and studying I created …

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Mango in situ. Not rated yet
Mango in situ. 30x40cm Acrylics on canvas. I choose to do this painting to try the Camera Lucida App on my iPad. The small size works well without having …

22 American Flag Not rated yet
I painted this in oil. It is on a 16 x 20 canvas. It took me about 3 weeks, painting only one day a week. I painted about two hours at a time. I'm …

mawar Dan raya, Rose and Hisbiscus flower painting. Not rated yet
I consider myself as 'beginner' ,I have a lot to learn about oil-painting techniques. the tittle itself means 'rose and hibiscus' in malay. I usually spray …

Blue Ribbon Waves Not rated yet
This was the first painting I did from life (rather than photo) - it took more than a week to find the right composition and light! I began working …

Venice Canal Not rated yet
This is an Oil painting 24X30 on Centurion DX Oil Primed Linen Panel. This was painted from a photograph taken by my cousin on vacation. I have tried to …

Magnolia Not rated yet
Magnolia It was my privilege to visit my children in New Zealand in 2013. While traveling through this beautiful country I was amazed to see trees full …

Oil Paintings by artist Peggy, Coos Bay Oregon Not rated yet
This 17 year old is a honor student in the 12th grade. He wants to be a doctor and he has a wonderful funny sense of humor, says he thought pink hair …

South African artist Hannie show's us city and sea scapes with critiques! Not rated yet
I've done this for my grandchild's 21st to illustrate the life ahead, as she opens the door to the new "adult" life. I've also used the Flemish technique. …

Hummingbird Oil Painting Flemish Method Not rated yet
This is my first attempt using the flemish technique, after reading up about it on your wonderful website I decided to give it a try. To make this …

Phoenix Artist Penny, oil paintings with distinction. Not rated yet
I love to garden, it's probably the only other hobbie I love as much as painting. This is the first of a series of paintings I'm doing - flowers from …

Wild life oil paintings Not rated yet
Just sat down one day and painted this - I have a longing for the great outdoors lately. Must be spring!!! Oil on canvas - 18x24

Several small oil paintings Flemish technique. Not rated yet
Dear Mr. Delmus, As promise I send you 2 small paintings, a reproduction of a very well known figure and portrait painter - Henrique Medina (died around …

Pen and inks drawings, various paintings from Sharon in South Africa. Not rated yet
To use different mediums in drawing/paintings, is an experience itself! In order to master this, I used calming music to calm me down, that's when my concentation …

Imaginative Paintings from India Not rated yet
*It has taken 3 days for each painting. *The materials i used for these painting are thermocol, poster colours, brushes no:2,5,7 *shadings, my imaginations …

Bull Art and Cow Paintings, some great examples of Bovine Art found right here! Not rated yet
I was inspired to paint this beautiful Hereford Bull because of the gentleness in his eyes, the colors that I saw in his coat and his expression. This …

Abstract Portrait Paintings Not rated yet
This paint done by Oil colors on canvas 60x40 The technique i used on this paint was mix the colors with a lot of medium, to become more liquid and moved …

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